Structurally Superior Enclosures.

JTS prides itself as being top of the line experts in electrical integration with our professional electrical engineers and seasoned electricians of whom hold years of experience in the industry. The virtually maintenance free aspect of JTS heavy duty enclosures and the electrical integration expertise at JTS result in a smoother, faster, and more efficient electrical control house project from start to finish.

Engineered, Manufactured, Delivered. On-Time.

 JTS hours of operation: Monday through Friday 7:00am - 4:30pm Mountain Standard Time

Power Equipment Centers.

Whether your equipment needs protection from the elements or an environmentally controlled atmosphere we can help you find a solution. Typical features of a  Power Equipment Center include a self supporting base, floors designed for 250 psf loading, roof and walls designed to meet snow/ice loading and wind velocities specific to your region. Options may include external stairs, platforms and railing, HVAC Systems with various insulation levels, fire rated walls, computer floors, fire protection systems, plumbing fixtures, and a many other custom features.

Packaged Control Rooms for Integrated Electrical Systems.

We at JTS are prepared to handle any equipment electrical or mechanical. Customers feel a peace of mind knowing their equipment is housed and integrated inside an JTS equipment center.Fully integrated or stand-alone buildings: single or multiple-module design.

custom-built and factory-assembled to client specifications: any width, length, height

offer a lower total installed cost

floor, roof, and wind loads determined by application

self-framing, self-supporting galvanized steel

rigid steel base, four-point lift

smooth interior and exterior walls: unlimited options

total HVAC and special systems provided

fabricated and wired to domestic and international standards, including NEMA, ANSI, NEC, IEC, and EN (CE)

all electrical options available – at any voltage

can be furnished with any electrical system, including MCCs and switchgear

all electrical connections marked and documented

sub-floor wireways reduce cost

wiring to 15KV

truly portable – commercial carrier transport

complete in-house engineering, programming, and technical support available, including in-house control panel services

ideal for such applications as: power generators, power substations, switchgear enclosures, control center rooms, communication shelters, offshore platforms, generator systems, equipment skids, bulk material handling, pumping stations

At JTS You Always Talk With A Human.

Get in touch with us! We'd love to hear from you. If you have an upcoming project or existing product that requires the friendly and professional touch, we would love to work with you. Fill out the below form and we will be in touch shortly!  Or, feel free to call us!

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Our mission is to offer our clients the highest quality refrigeration products, electrical control products and packaged control room systems by providing an unmatched combination of price, quality, and service.

We will cultivate our competitive advantage through teamwork, knowledge, communication, and technology. We will focus on profitable growth through alliance with customers who embrace strong relationships and allow us reasonable profits for outstanding products and services.

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