Simply Put, We Understand Your Process and are Empathetic to Your Needs.

Because we are a manufacture, we understand that our equipment plays a very important role in your process. Whether it be a basic small brew house application or a very complex Ultra Low system, we know your application and are empathetic to your situation and understand the need for urgency.
The JTS Service Team is there to assist you over the phone or even in person, if necessary. Our goal is always to get you back online as quickly and as efficiently as possible, and then keep you online.

Over 15 Years Cooling Experience.

In our many years of Industry experience, we have always held a position that nothing is more important than a proper installation, paired with a thorough and complete Start and Test of new equipment. Follow that up with a regular Maintenance and Testing program which will ensure that your equipment has a long life and is operating as efficiently as possible, all the time.
Upwards of 70% of the failures we see are a result of improper equipment Start Up and/or lack of proper maintenance. We often receive calls from untrained refrigeration technicians who are trying to perform the systems Start Up and it’s their first time ever touching a chiller. Or maybe it’s their first time repairing a chiller and the equipment was improperly commissioned into service, without programming the specific parameters and performing control adjustments needed to meet the site requirements.
This is a recipe for disaster and time and time again, we’ve seen this go down a path of future failures, with some requiring major, non-warranty repairs. Many times, these failures could have been easily prevented if the equipment had been installed and commissioned according to our JTS Start Up Request and Start Up Checklist.
These forms are available in our O&M’s, along with our Preventative Maintenance Guide and Checklist which can be download at the links below.
If you are interested in scheduling a JTS Technician to perform your equipment Start up, or if you have technical questions, please call the number in the upper right hand corner and ask for the Service Department.
Your JTS Service Team is at the ready when you need us!

Dedicated Service.

We are committed to supporting all our customers’ needs. Our team of technicians, Parts and Service coordinators, management, electrical engineers, systems engineers and designers pride themselves on the number of long-term clients that we serve.

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