The JTS Refrigeration Spare Parts Kit.

Johnson Thermal Systems is pleased to offer to our customers our spare parts kits for our standard line of refrigeration chillers. These service kits contain the more common and less expensive replacement components used in our chillers such as pressure sensors, temperature sensors, fuses, pressure switches, a flow switch and a refractometer.

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Refrigeration Spare Parts Kit

What’s Included In The Spare Parts Kit?

As you would expect Johnson Thermal Systems only use high quality components in our line of Chillers and Condensing Units. Having these Spare Parts on hand will drastically minimize any downtime and make sure your application runs smoothly and consistently. The contents of each kit is specifically tailored to your unit by our team of experts, but the product list below gives an overview of what to typically expect in a Johnson Thermal Systems Refrigeration Spare Parts Kit.

Refractometer P/N# 8000-5002

Discharge Temp Sensor P/N# 7000-1551

Pressure Switch (High) P/N# 7600-0070

Pressure Switch (Low) P/N# 7600-0020

Temp Sensor P/N# 7000-1560

EVAP Temp Sensor P/N# 7000-1550

Flow Switch P/N# 7000-1103

Pressure Sensor (High) P/N# 7000-1810

Pressure Switch (Low) P/N# 7000-1790

CDG Fuse (4A) Fuse Buss P/N# 7000-1962

CDG Fuse (315mA) Controller P/N# 7000-1962

CDG Fuse (2A) Controller P/N# 7000-1953

Order The JTS Peace Of Mind Package.

Our spare parts kits range in price from $450.00 to $575.00 depending on the type or series of JTS chiller that you have. These spare parts kits will help provide peace of mind knowing that you have mitigated costly down time and possible long delays that may result when your refrigeration systems go down.

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